Judy McBurney is an Australian actress, best known for her roles as Tania in The Young Doctors and Pixie in Prisoner. But she is also well known as a model and voice-over artist for Television and radio. In later years she has done TV Commercial's for Australia, America and Japan. McBurney also teaches modelling at June Dally-Watkins school in Sydney.


Even as a young girl, Judy had experienced a natural affinity for the healing of people who were in pain; she spent a number of years training to become a natural healer and in recent years McBurney worked with the Acu Energetics Clinic and still doing healing treatment in her home.


Judy has recently suffered some health issues but are now doing well. Hundreds of lovely e-mails and messages has arrived from all over the world and Judy thanks you all very much for your kindness and support.

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